First-Time with A BSDM Domina

First-Time with A BSDM Domina

There are many men who have various sexual fantasies and desires, even Mr. Hooker had a fantasy to do First-time with a BDSM domina. So, thanks to NangFa-escort to convince Mr. Hooker to reveal his First-time with a BDSM domina. As per the top rated escort agency rule, real name and personal details of Mr. Hooker will never be disclosed. Also this interview is a first-hand experience of Mr. Hooker doing first-time with a BDSM domina. So all the men who wants to try first-time with a BDSM domina but are afraid as to what will happen then here is a sneak peak of what to expect when you hire your BDSM escort for first-time with a BDSM domina. However, before I start, interview of Mr. Hooker, let me tell you that from where he booked his BDSM high-class escort that came into his budget. He called NangFa-escort and booked his chose hooker escort for the night. When he was asked to rate NangFa-escort on the scale of 10, he replied 9.5 with enthusiasm. Coming back to the sex story of Mr. Hooker about his first-time with a BDSM domina.

Mr. Hooker telling about his First-time with a BDSM domina

Hey guys, this is MR. Hooker here and I’m here to tell you about one of my best experiences with my BDSM dominant escort. Before I start, allow me to tell you how an idea to do first-time with a BDSM domina hit me. So, I usually travel to different cities and have slept with many top-rated escort models from different reliable escort agencies, however, my experience with a BDSM young escort from NangFa-escort was one of the best and to be really honest, it won’t be a lie to tell that this is the most reliable escort agency and is a verified escort agency too. However, when I opened up their website to look for a hobby hooker escort for myself, I came across Katie. When I read her profile, it said a dominant escort for submissive men and her profile was captivating too. She was wearing a black latex panty and her top was naked and there was a hunter in her hands. The picture itself made me horny and turned on. So I thought to give it a try for the first-time with a BDSM domina. Well, I booked and at 20:00 hours, I got an intercom from my hotel’s reception and they said I have a guest. When I went down my teeny escort was standing there.

Mr. Hooker goes on a date for the first-time with a BDSM domina

I was too tired, so I asked my big tits escort, if it was ok to go to a hotel owned restaurant for a dinner and she agreed. While we had dinner, we chatted about our likes and dislikes, I also mentioned that it was my first-time with a BDSM domina. On this, she smiled and said, “Well, don’t worry, I know how to make my man happy.” After the dinner we had drinks and then we went into my hotel room for some erotic fun for the first-time with a BDSM domina.

What Mr. Hooker did when he did first-time with a BDSM domina?

When we entered my room, my BDSM sex girl asked me to wait. She went inside the washroom and changed into that latex panty that I requested her to wear. As she came out, she first, handcuffed me and then unzipped my pant and started sucking my dick, my orgasm was increasing and I was unable to stop her because I was handcuffed and she didn’t stopped for even a while, later she took me on my king –sized bed and with her dominant and erotic voice asked me, if I want to get rimmed. I said sure and then my rimming escort did the best rimming. When I asked her I want to fuck you, she replied, you don’t get to choose babes, I your master, so let me give you pleasure. You’ve been a good boy since, and then she sat on me and rode my dick till I discharged. To be really honest, it was my first-time with a BDSM domina and I loved my session. If any other man is also thinking to try first-time with a BDSM domina, I will surely recommend him. It is fun, unique and erotic.